Crawl Space Home Inspections in Ohio

As a home inspector I get the opportunity to not only help home buyers become fully aware of the issues that the home has (all homes have issues) I also get the opportunity that many do not want of exploring the dark areas of homes.

English: Inside view of a building crawl sapce

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These dark areas are the attics and the crawl spaces. Attic are during the summer hot and dusty. Crawl spaces, at least to me are the dirtiest places to inspect. Crawl spaces are tight cramped area typically and often there are spiders and other crawly thing in there that I want to avoid.

When I enter most crawl spaces as part of my home inspection service I am wearing a set of coveralls because of the dirt and spider webs. If the crawl space looked really dusty I will wear a mask as well to avoid breathing in any insulation and misc particles.

The other day I entered a crawl space that had the vents blocked and the crawl space was frequently wet from rain downspouts that failed to direct water away from the home. In a day or so I will write about some reasons why crawl spaces should be vented to the exterior especially if they get damp.

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